About Me

Hi! My name is Sung Soo (Anthony) Cho. I’m currently a senior pursuing a BS in Computer Science with a specialization in high performance data platforms at Rice University. After graduation, I look forward to joining a healthcare startup in San Francisco called Grand Rounds as a software engineer on the data platform services team.

While at Rice I’ve been most involved with the Rice CS Club and Rice Entrepreneurship Community. I currently serve as President of Rice CS Club. I’ve previously served as External Vice President, Treasurer, HackRice 6 & 7 organizer, and Freshman Representative. My partner and I have won 11,000 USD from the LILIE New Entrepreneurs Grant and Rice Undergraduate Elevator Pitch Competition.

Beyond these two communities, I’ve also been involved academically as a teaching assistant (COMP 321 computer systems & COMP 430 database systems) and most recently as a part of the PlinyCompute research group. During the breaks, I’ve enjoyed SWE internships at Cisco Meraki, United Airlines, ParkIT, Sensorfield, and the Center for Space Research (NASA grant). In my spare time, I love to work on side projects and participate in hackathons.

Outside of the technical realm, I currently have a budding passion for photography and a full blown passion for coffee. I love food, traveling, and discovering new things to go deep on. Feel free to reach out, the best way to contact me is through email!