Preparing for the Road Ahead

This is probably my last winter break as a student. Next semester, I’ll be (knock on wood) graduating Rice with a BS in Computer Science. It’s crazy to think about. This morning as I was walking my dog and enjoying the crisp morning air of Oregon, I couldn’t help but feel a tinge of sadness.

a picture of my dog teddy

Before I came home for the break, I grabbed coffee with one of my closest friends who had just graduated and we reminsced about our past 4 years at Rice together. I asked him how he felt about leaving Rice and he said something that really stuck out to me.

“We spend so much time thinking about the past and grinding for the future that we squeeze out the present”.

And I think he captured what had really been lodged in my heart for some time now. This uneasy feeling of misplaced nothingness, doing so much yet feeling so little. I remembered then, another memorable quote from the final blog post of a retiring software engineer and founder.

“My time for doing has come to an end. My time for being has begun”.

I don’t know if this is selfish or naive of me, but I would very much like those two times to coincide in my life, for all of my life. I don’t want to squeeze out the present anymore, but to enjoy and savor it.

That’s the reason behind V3, the third overhaul of my personal website. This will hopefully be a centralized place for me, for the things that I care about and the thoughts in my head.